What's in a name? 

About the 


Our mission is to encourage everyone to find their fit and keep moving! 


Move More Fitness is an online outreach community of MOVERS encouraging each other to move more, eat healthy and stress less! We are less concerned with getting that perfect workout, or finding that perfect diet, or obtaining that "dream body," and more about loving the journey!


We want everyone to learn how they love to move, foundations of good health, how to build a community around them, and how to just keep moving!

What we do

  • Encourage EVERYONE to move, with challenges, inspiration and more!

  • Share information on health with our blog and social media. 

  • Provide kick-starter programs for anyone looking to start/restart the journey. 

Who it is for

  • Anyone who likes to move!

  • Anyone who needs encouragement to move!


The team behind Move More Fitness 

Adrienne Vose, Founder of Move More Fitness, initially created MMF in 2010 as a way to fire up her personal training business. She was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama's “Let’s Move” Campaign to motivate others to just MOVE IT! 

Years after becoming a fitness professional, Adrienne saw a need for a fitness and health support system beyond the gym. She decided to shift her focus from training sessions to supporting others in whatever fitness path they chose. MMF became a collaboration of like-minded fitness enthusiasts and professionals motivating and helping others reach their goals. 

Today MMF is a support and resource for all who are on, or want to be on, a healthy lifestyle journey. Our team of fitness professionals and enthusiasts inspire others to move more and find their fit!


"The entire Move More Fitness team has been heaven-sent. I have found endless avenues to help me expand personally and professionally. I now have a network and am part of a team that is rapidly growing and cares deeply about the well being of others! It's been an absolute blessing!" 

— Jeanette Lucero, MMF Ambassador



Want to share your story, join a program, or become an Ambassador? Contact us for more information on when applications are open and programs running! 

Our community is spread all over the United States with our headquarters in Stafford, Virginia. Need a good trainer or instructor in your area? Just ask! 

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