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The Sh8pe Programs are personal, fun, innovative, non-competitive, small-group fitness classes designed to help you be successful in your fitness journey by moving more, eating healthier and stressing less. 

​The small-group settings provide accountability, support and extra FUN! Each program can be specialized for women, men and kids, but is especially designed for ladies! 


Participants start with the basics in our flagship 8-week course Get in Sh8pe: learning proper exercise form, good nutrition, stress management, goal setting, injury prevention, and more, while also getting some fantastic workouts. Each class highlights a different type of exercise and a different healthy living topic, so participants experience a wide variety of concepts to learn what they love moving forward.


Graduates of Get in Sh8pe, or experienced exercisers, can move on to Stay in Sh8pe, which expands both exercise and healthy living knowledge with the same small-group accountability. Weekly workouts consist of cardio and strength with a different style each week, as well as check-ins, accountability, goal setting, etc.


Or, for an ongoing class, try Sh8pe It Up: a fun beginner-to-intermediate ongoing group exercise class that allows you to sample different exercise formats and build on your progress. Every class incorporates our 8 principles below with a rotating type of exercise week-to-week: body weight, kickboxing, dance theme, etc. Enjoy a wide variety of styles while learning good form and technique and how to build on your progress. ​


Each Sh8pe session teaches and builds on the 8 Sh8pe Principles.


  • Safety

  • Variety

  • Fun

  • Community

  • Cardio

  • Strength

  • Flexibility 

  • Balance


Join the Movement! 

Join a Class >>>

Interested in joining an in-person or online Sh8pe class? Contact us to find the next upcoming sessions or start an online group with your friends. 

Current in-person classes are held at Chinn Aquatics & Fitness Center in Woodbridge, Virginia. 

Become an Instructor >>>

You must be a certified Group Exercise Instructor or Personal Trainer to become a certified Sh8pe Instructor. However, anyone can take the training as a fitness enthusiast and upgrade to an official certification after obtaining their group or personal training certification. Contact us to find the next available training session. 


"I wanted to start an exercise program after not exercising for a long time and wanted something that would accommodate my own limitations, abilities, and interests. But I didn't want the expense of a personal trainer. A tall order, I know! I enjoyed the classes from the very beginning. They started out gentle and were small enough that we all felt noticed, got one-on-one attention, and could ask questions. It was a great mix of women: ages ran from women in their 20's to women like myself in their 60's. Everyone at different levels with different abilities.


The classes progressively increased in intensity, but it was such a smooth, easy transition! And so much fun! My goal was to start moving in a safe environment and I was happy to see myself start firming up muscles. It is a good program for a lot of different people with various goals. And it's not only fun but educational. I certainly enjoyed it!" 

— Betty, Get in Sh8pe Participant, D.C. Metro Area



Want to share your story, join a program, or become an Ambassador? Contact us for more information on when applications are open and programs running! 

Our community is spread all over the United States with our headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia. Need a good trainer or instructor in your area? Just ask! 

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