Fit Mom of 3, Nicole

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Everyone is on a lifestyle journey. Get inspired with real-life Fitspiration stories from members of our community!

We All Start Somewhere

My fitness journey began on my very first day of college at USF! Before that I was the girl who didn’t like to break a sweat, and had zero strength! But, for some reason I knew (and I had told myself in the summer months leading up to that first day) that I was going to go to the USF gym, and start working out. It was pretty much love at first sight between me and the weights! Hard to tell if it was all the pheromones, or the quick results I achieved… most likely a combination of both. But, since then I’ve been hooked on weightlifting, cardio, and cross-training!

What Keeps Me Moving

​What inspires me to move more and do more is my family! I’ve not always had the healthiest mindset when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Although I fell in love with training instantly, it also led me down a very dark path of extreme restriction, disordered eating and body dysmorphia, that I fought 5 years to overcome. Now that I have a husband and 3 kids, I want desperately to be the example of a fit and BALANCED mom, and the desire to encourage other moms and ladies to do the same is what really drives me. I love feeling like I have an influence on helping moms become better for their own families as well!

My Groove

My favorite workouts are pretty vigorous combinations of plyo, strength and cardio in my garage, which has over the years evolved into my absolute favorite gym! I love certain YouTubers, and very regularly incorporate workouts from Shelly Dose, JessicaSmithTV and Natalie Yco. YouTube has been an outstanding resource for me as I work out almost exclusively from home now!

Lessons Learned

If I could share one thing, looking back on competing in four figure competitions (all since becoming a mom), I would have to say that I kind of regret all the time spent on vanity training. I always say now, “I train for sanity over vanity!” If I’d had a healthier mindset about my physique and perfection, which doesn’t exist, I think I’d look back with less regret of that much focus on aesthetics. However, hindsight is 20/20, and I also might not have the same passion I have now to warn other moms not to follow in those unfulfilling footsteps. So, if you learn a lesson the hard way, just look for ways to help others to avoid your “mistakes” in order to give those negative experiences purpose.


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