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HIIT with a Yoga Wheel

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Join MMF Ambassador Kathleen Reyes for this awesome, and intense, workout with the Yoga Wheel.

By Move More Fitness Ambassador Kathleen Reyes. Follow Kathleen on Instagram & Facebook for more inspiration!

What's with the Wheel?

​Make your workout a total HIIT with the #MMFApproved YogDev Yoga Wheel! Think it's just for yoga? Think again! Power squat, jump lunge and burpee using the wheel to take your plyometrics to the next level! The YogDev Wheel provides just the right amount of weight, not too heavy or too light, to add enough resistance while still having complete range of motion.

Torch more calories, elevate your heart rate faster and bump up your metabolism by incorporating the wheel into your interval training workouts!

The YogDev Yoga Wheel is ergonomically made to fit and move with the shape of your body. It's perfectly shoulder width distance apart and moves wonderfully while twisting and changing in multi-directions. It is absolutely wonderful for working all planes of motion to help you build a more balanced body that is less susceptible to injury.

Here’s what you can do with it!

Build an incredibly strong core with different variations of Pike Plank Rolls, Push-ups, and Russian Twists. Challenge your lunges by rolling one leg out in all directions. Then immediately transition into a plank and add a push-up for a full-body workout!

The combinations and possibilities are limitless with this Yoga Wheel! I think the best part is experimenting and coming up with different ways to challenge yourself! The YogDev Wheel will definitely be a part of my fitness regime, from warm-up to workout to yoga cool-down! Try my HIIT workout below using the YogDev Wheel!

HIIT Like Katward Workout

Interval Timer: 30 sec of activity/10 sec of rest between exercises.

​Pike to Plank to Push-Up

Split Lunge Jumps

Russian Twist

Wheel Burpee

1-Legged In & Out Extension to Push-Up

Stationary Cross-Body Rotation

Split Lunge to Push-Up

Power Squat Wheel Swing

Modify intensity by removing jumps. Repeat circuit 2-3 times to get a full body workout in less than 20 minutes! Please do a proper warm-up before workout. Follow up with a complete cool-down/stretch using the YogDev Wheel too!

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