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Kickboxing Strength Fusion Video - Social Distancing Workout from Home

Join Move More Fitness Ambassador Cheryl Russo in one of her home workouts to keep moving during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Move with Us

If you haven't already met Cheryl, check out our last Covid-19 home workout post with her to learn about this fantastic Move More Fitness Ambassador. We are featuring a few of her home workouts on on blog for our community.

Follow along with her Kickboxing Strength Fusion video above or try Yoga Fusion from last time.

Along with some great workouts, Cheryl also shared some tips for our Move More Fitness community to keep you moving forward in your health journey during the Covid-19 shutdown!

Fit Tips from Cheryl

1. While every exercise may not be for everybody, everybody can move if they honor their body and know how to modify to their needs! Don't let the big picture scare you from doing something. Literally, take one step at a time. 2. Write down different things you would like to try on separate pieces of paper (for example, push-up, burpee, jump rope, crunch, etc.). Place the pieces in a basket or jar. Pick one out each day and just focus on perfecting that movement. 3. You can do the same thing with your nutrition. Write things down like "Drink more water," "Learn portion sizes" (protein should be the size of the palm; veggies and whole grains should fill 2/3 of the plate), "Pick a sensible substitution for the day" (i.e. pick pretzels instead of chips, baked instead of fried, fruit instead of sweets). Pick one thing to focus on each day or even each week. 4. Do some spring cleaning! Pick a task each day that gets you moving physically (washing windows, mopping floors), or that gets you moving forward in your nutrition (clean the fridge or cabinets and note changes you want to make in your eating habits). Follow Cheryl to keep working out with her throughout the shutdown! Follow Cheryl on YouTube Follow Cheryl on Instagram Follow Cheryl on Facebook *Please use common sense when working out at home and only do what you have been approved by a physician to do. Also check out our Home Workout Tips to get some specific safety ideas and other tips to keep moving!

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