GET IN SH8PE - Coming Soon!

This unique kick-starter small-group program is for anyone interested in fitness at all, but especially people looking for a place to feel like they "fit in" and who need a little help and accountability getting started on (or back into) their fitness journey. 

When it comes to fitness, persistence pays. A program that starts slowly and builds over time is far better than an exercise program that starts and ends quickly. Your exercise regimen should be sensible, enjoyable, safe, and consistent--that's what our Sh8pe program provides!

With both in-person and online options, this 6-8 week program will help you discover: 

  • How you love to move!

  • Safe exercise foundations

  • Basics of healthy living, like goal setting, stress management, and nutrition 101

  • Why community matters and how to build yours

  • And so much more! 

​Fitness is a journey, not a destination. This program is designed to set you up for the long-haul to find joy in that journey. 

No Gym Required (Virtual Classes)

Since we can't workout together in person right now, let's do it virtually! NO EXCUSES! 

​These classes were created to help students move during the Covid-19 shutdown but we want to #KeepMoving! All are welcome so pick a class or an instructor below and jump right in. 


Check out our calendar of classes. 

This program is completely donation based but we do offer suggested rates with a bonus here


VHPGO is a completely virtual app from Virtual Health Partners that you can access from your phone, tablet or computer. Through the app, you can access nutrition, fitness and lifestyle modification videos, and message the VHP team anywhere, anytime. 

You get live support and 1:1 coaching from a team of wellness specialists, schedule appointments or attend live classes with your choice of wellness specialists

On-demand fitness content is uploaded weekly to keep your routines fun and new! Plus, recipes, meal plans and cooking demos are also available. With frequently updated content, there will always be something new for you to learn and watch. 


Be a part of the Move More Fitness Team! 


We are searching for Fitness Brand Ambassadors. Do you love fitness and enjoy inspiring others to get up and get moving?  If so, then becoming a Move More Fitness Ambassador could be for you!

As an Ambassador, you will inspire others to get up and #MoveMore, through social media sites, blog posts on our site, and community events.  



Want to share your story, join a program, or become an Ambassador? Contact us for more information on when applications are open and programs running! 

Our community is spread all over the United States with our headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia. Need a good trainer or instructor in your area? Just ask! 

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