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This unique kick-starter small-group or self-paced personal program is for anyone interested in fitness at all, but especially people looking for a place to feel like they "fit in" and who need a little help and accountability getting started on (or back into) their fitness journey. 

When it comes to fitness, persistence pays. A program that starts slowly and builds over time is far better than an exercise program that starts and ends quickly. Your exercise regimen should be sensible, enjoyable, safe, and consistent--that's what our Sh8pe program provides!

With both in-person and online options, this 6-8 week program will help you discover: 

  • How you love to move!

  • Safe exercise foundations

  • Basics of healthy living, like goal setting, stress management, and nutrition 101

  • Why community matters and how to build yours

  • And so much more! 

​Fitness is a journey, not a destination. This program is designed to set you up for the long-haul to find joy in that journey. 

Best Friends

FREE Online Fitness Classes                       
 -No Gym Required!

Senior Yoga Class

Gone are the days when Private Trainers & Instructors were only for athletes, celebrities, and the very wealthy! 

Move More Fitness provides a community of skilled fitness professionals to help support you as you achieve your fitness goals. All instructors are certified & qualified to deliver high-quality programming!

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or be more flexible, our Fit Pros can help!

If the idea of working out in a gym horrifies you, and you are more comfortable in your own home, we will design a program that will work in your living room or backyard, with or without expensive and bulky equipment. 



Best Friends


Running in City

Be a part of the Move More Fitness Team! 

Join our FREE Challenges! 


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