Online Group Training Sessions

Stretch with Block

Details, details, details


Strength Sessions focus on total body muscular endurance.

Upper & Lower Body sessions focus on building Strength. Get stronger

& build muscle to burn fat while at rest!


Good old fashion heart-pumping cardio. Mix of Kickboxing, dance

& other forms of hi/lo aerobics including HIIT and Intervals style! 


Physical postures & breathing to promote physical & emotional well-

being. Stretch & release all major muscle groups.

Standing & floor core work at it's finest. Incorporate functional movement, core stability & balance training- not just ABS!

Even MORE Details!
  • All Sessions are 30-40 minutes unless noted otherwise.

  • Highly recommended to come to class ready to work! In other words, warm up!

  • Google Meet classes require accessing classes through the Google Meet App or Google Chrome Browser. 

  • Sessions are offered on the VHP app so be sure to sign up for VHP app access, if you have not already done so!

  • Discuss modifications with your Trainer prior to session. For a FREE virtual consultation with one of our trainers, please fill out the lifestyle assessment form.

  • If you'd like the trainer to correct form or offer feedback/suggestions after class, turn ON your camera during the session or schedule a private session. 


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Sessions are subject to change!

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Session Descriptions & Schedule 
*Click on the day & time to access live class. 

Move More Monday - Build the muscles in your upper body (Arms, Chest, Back and/or Shoulders) and get that heart pumping! Mix of Kickboxing, HIIT and Interval in combination with Upper Body Strength. 

Monday 9am  / Monday 6pm

Tabata Tuesday - Build the muscles in your lower body & add some Hi/Lo Cardio, Dance Moves, HIIT and Intervals for a killer workout!


Tuesday 8.15am  /  Tuesday 5.30pm 

Work-It Wednesday - Standing & floor core work at it's finest in combination with upper body muscle building.  Incorporate functional movement, Upper Back, Chest, Shoulders, &/or Arms while increasing Core Stability & Balance.

Wednesday 9am


Core & Stretch (45min) - Increase Range of Motion & activate the core with simple core exercises,  poses & gentle stretches while incorporating breathing exercises.

Wednesday 6:45pm 


Throwback Thursday -  We're giving you a #ThrowbackThursday (previously recorded workout) each week. Optional but available for you to do during this time OR any time. Check in every week for a link to the recording. Will take workout requests! 

Thursdays Anytime 


Butts & Guts -  Standing & floor core work in combination with a touch of cardio to get the heart pumping. Gain muscular strength & endurance in the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves while working the entire core. 

Friday 9am 

Sh8pe It Up!- Work it head to toe! All muscle groups used in this interval style workout- including your heart! May need bands, weights, stability balls, mat and water!

Saturday 8am (45mins)

Stretch (5-10 mins following each workout) Stretch & release specific muscle groups with or without equipment such as Yoga Blocks, Straps, Balls & Rollers.