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Free Online Fitness Classes 

Strength Sessions focus on total body muscular endurance.
Get stronger & go longer! Build muscle to burn fat while at rest!

Physical postures & breathing to promote physical & emotional well-being. Stretch & release all major muscle groups.

Good old fashion heart-pumping cardio. Mix of Kickboxing, dance & other forms of hi/lo aerobics including HIIT and Intervals style! 

Standing & floor core work at it's finest. Incorporate functional movement, core stability & balance training- not just ABS!

Move More Fitness provides a community of skilled instructors and trainers to help support you as you achieve your fitness goals- ONLINE! All trainers and instructors are certified & qualified to deliver high-quality programming right in the comfort of your own home. Join us for an online Fitness Class!

No Gym Required Schedule

  • To start, fill out a participation form HERE.

  • A Google Meet session requires the Google Meet App or Google Chrome Browser. 

  • For a FREE virtual consultation with one of our trainers, please fill out an interest form

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