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Fitspiration: Fitness Ambassador Sarah Kane

Everyone is on a lifestyle journey. Get inspired with real-life Fitspiration stories from members of our community!

Meet Sarah Kane: one of our awesome Fitness Ambassadors! Sarah, an avid runner, will be contributing to our blog on occasion. Learn about her Fitspiration story below and follow her online and on Facebook or Instagram.

Tell us about you!

I'm a 30-something, single gal, and work full time as a higher education administrator. I love my rescue dog, taking her for long walks, hikes or riding around on a paddle-board together! I enjoy traveling, especially visiting friends and family across the country. My favorite places I've been to are Hawaii & the Grand Canyon! I enjoy surrounding myself with those who help me grow, and learn.

What has your fitness journey looked like?

Although I grew up participating in sports (soccer, softball, cross-country and swimming) I don't consider my fitness journey really starting until after college. I was working a desk job all day and realized that my "fast metabolism" wouldn't bless me forever, so I started going to the gym.

I was clueless on what to do but I loved how it made me feel. I loved the stress relief it gave me, I loved feeling my muscles getting stronger. So I started reading more health and fitness magazines. About a year into my gym journey, I started running more and fell in love. One race led to another. One challenge led to the next.

It wasn't always smooth: I landed in physical therapy twice for tight hip flexors and hamstrings and I sprained my ankle. But my biggest challenge came when I was diagnosed with endometrosis and had to have life-changing surgery in 2011.

Come 2012, I was in the midst of a quarter-life crisis: dealing with heartbreak, side effects of the surgery and unhappy with my job. A home fitness program changed my life. That hour a day of activity became something positive I could focus on, and one day at a time I found my smile again, I found my confidence, and, most importantly, I found myself again.

Where are you now in your journey?

I recently celebrated my 10 year running anniversary! I have been following home workouts consistently for 3 1/2+ years with the confidence to try new programs and constantly challenge myself. I also encourage others to move more by sharing my journey on social media, hosting a private online fitness/nutrition accountability group and inviting others to join me. I am always a cheerleader to family and friends with their activities.

My belief is that a healthy lifestyle focuses on activity that you love, no matter what it is, while finding a balance with nutrition to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Many people don't know how good their bodies can feel. I want to help them find out!

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